Modern healthcare providers rely a lot on technology. Health Information Technology (HIT) is a major industry, and supports practitioners all over the world. This means that IT support for healthcare providers is an equally important aspect of the industry. We spoke about this with one of the IT support companies London based medical practices get their support from. The company, TechQuarters, told us what they believe are some of the most important aspects that any healthcare provider should look for when investing in IT support for their organisation.

  • Understands your Technology

One very important thing for healthcare providers to consider when looking for an IT support provider is how well they understand your technology.

Health Information Technology is a big part of modern healthcare, and therefore needs to be supported and managed well – doing so will help minimize downtime.

We spoke to TechQuarters, and they told us that an IT support provider London healthcare organisations have used in the past will be better equipped to support HIT solutions, and will therefore be ready to support a healthcare organisation more efficiently than an IT support company that is learning about health IT on the job.

  • Offers Training

As we have mentioned already, healthcare organisations use a wide array of software and systems, which they rely on to complete their work efficiently. Nowadays, many IT support providers offer training services to their clients, to help them leverage their technology to get the most benefits out of them.

A healthcare organisation is more than just the doctors and nurses. There is a largescale administrative department behind most healthcare practices – staff who are responsible for completing all the administrative and clerical work. 

An IT support provider with experience working with healthcare organisations will be able to help their clients use their HIT solutions, and their administrative and clerical technology in the best way.

  • Uses Proactive Approaches

Nowadays, one of the best indicators of a high-quality IT support provider is whether or not they use proactive support techniques. For healthcare providers, having their technology running consistently is very important; these types of organisations can’t simply be waiting around for their support provider to call back.

Proactive IT support means the provider will implement various practices and solutions that help them anticipate issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. This might include network monitoring, which alerts them to issues when they arise.

Proactive IT support can also mean the provider giving the client recommendations about what type of solutions would work best for their organisation.

  • Prioritises Security

Security is part of every organisation that uses technology and handles data. For healthcare providers, who manage information search as personal medical records, insurance information, etc, then it is of the utmost importance that they have robust, advanced security.

A good IT support provider should prioritise the cyber security of their clients. This means they will probably perform an assessment of the client’s security infrastructure, make recommendations if any are needed, and may even help the client implement new solutions.

Cyber threats are constantly changing and evolving, unfortunately; this means that cyber security needs to also change and evolve quickly. It may be hard for a healthcare organisations to keep abreast of the latest cyber security trends; however, a professional provider of IT support for healthcare organisations will definitely know their way around the cutting edge security solutions.

  • Offers Service Transparency 

Whenever a business is paying another business or a service, there needs to be a high level of transparency within that service. The party paying should know that the service is working for them, and the service provider should be working to make sure that the service continues to be effective for the client.

Transparency of service in the IT sector usually comes down to account management. A good IT support provider should be assigning an account manager to every client, so that the client has a touch point with the company – and the two parties can exchange feedback to ensure everyone is satisfied.

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